An Open Letter of Apology and Week in Review-January 7th

I’d like to take this time to apologize.

In an earlier post I mentioned that half of what religious people do is apologize (the other half get redeemed), so I’d like to take this moment to do so.

Apparently some bodybuilders have been reading my blog and have been taking exception to some of my characterizations of people who lift weights.  Apparently they believe I’ve been insinuating that weightlifters are cognitively disadvantaged.

My intent has not been to insinuate any such thing.  I’ve been meaning to clearly state it.

Weightlifting is a fool’s errand.

Can you imagine how weightlifting first started?

Fool 1: “Hey, let’s start lifting things in a small confined room with poor ventilation.  In fact, lets lift them in different ways: overhead, to the chest, lying down.  And hey, why don’t you stand over me while I lift and yell things at me like, “Push it!  You can do it!”

Fool 2: “Sounds good.  Let’s do this!  Oh, and let’s only shower every three days, too!”

Obviously cognitive dissonance at work.  With muscles.

Now, one of you will undoubtedly point out (I’m betting it’ll be Chris Ciupke) that people have been working out since the beginning of time, with ancient Greece being the model example.

I would counterpoint that the ancient Greeks did physical workouts that involved sport and challenge, like wrestling.  Since body-contact of that sort has since been frowned upon in public and relegated to darkened movie theaters, the trunks of hatch-backs, and bedrooms in the current age, modern workouts consist of activities with much less sport.

It is a fools errand to be sure.

But even more foolish is just sitting around doing nothing.  So while weightlifters are idiots, they’re the intellectual “bees knees” compared to the sloths who sit around all day drinking fat-filled lattes, garnishing their drinks with finger nail clippings bitten while reading People magazine.

Week in review:

Cardio Workouts-3

Lifting Workouts-2

Weight at beginning of the Week-233

Weight at end of the Week-231


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