Today: I Drank a Beer. Friday, February 10th

Today I drank a beer.

That’s about the exercise that I did today.  I did walk to the liquor store to buy the beer, so I guess that counts.

But, all in all, I drank a beer.

Now, I don’t consider this a bad thing.  I’ve been very good about working out almost every day for a month and a half now: lifting, running, doing variations of running (like the banal elipticizing, spinning, stair climbing), climbing on inflatable balls, throwing my legs up on nylon strings to stretch them.

I’ve been faithful.

So, today I get a beer.

I had planned to work out today, but believe it or not, I think I’ve finally hurt myself.

On Wednesday I went running in my awesome “Five Finger” shoes.  They’re these terribly stylish shoes where each individual toe gets its own sleeve making it look like you’ve painted your feet a different color or shellacked them to go running.

Actually, I find them extremely creepy.

Almost as creepy as the Ewok who lifts in the early morning when Critter and I are there.

Who is the Ewok, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you…

So, to get this reference you first have to be familiar with Star Wars, which means you either were born in the 80’s, are 12, or have an inactive love life.

If you’re still reading you’re a Star Trek fan, the above statement rang true for you, or you’ve overlooked the obvious offense in the hopes that it will pay off.

It won’t.

Anyway, Ewoks are small bear-like creatures who live in Northern California and live in trees.  The important part for this analogy is that they’re furry all over; totally covered in hair.

Enter the Ewok at our gym.

He comes in every morning always wearing the same white tank top which matches the perfectly white hair on the top of his head.  And the top of his arms.  And the top of his shoulders, chest, legs, back, neck.

And that’s I’ll we’ve confirmed, but I imagine there’s a pattern here.

And in addition to the absolute hair coverage, he’s also 5’4.

Pure awesome Ewokness.

To the right there’s a photo I snapped in the workout mirror:

Ok, so that’s not really him, but it looks darn close.

Now, before you think we’re terribly cruel, also know that every time we walk by him Critter and I end up singing the song from the last scene in Return of the Jedi where the Ewoks all dance around with Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher.

So, yeah, we’re terribly cruel.

But to this guy’s credit, while he may not be the best at manscaping, he’s a beast in the gym.  He’s there every morning we’re there, and he’s lifting twice the weight I am…and he’s almost half my size.

So, perhaps the whispering “beechi-wawa” under our breathe is because we’re really jealous.

I hope when I’m in my 50’s I can lift as much as this guy…or at least more than just a beer.

Might not really be a picture

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