A Public Service Announcement: I Will #Karatechopyou If You Keep Hashtagging Ridiculously Long Phrases

Well, like most good articles, the title says it all.Hashtag  I will karate chop you if you keep this up.

Let’s be honest: when hashtagging (a questionable practice as it is), let’s not presume to pretend that we will ever, EVER, once again hashtag another statement with “#youheardithearfirstcauseI’mthebest.”

That’s a useless hashtag and you know it.

I do not think the world understands why hashtags were invented.  Hashtags are meant to literally “tag” something to ensure that you can find a thought stream within your many tweets/texts/posts that all relate to one another. (No need to thank me for the little lesson on facts, reader.  I’ll take your move from ignorance to knowledge as thanks enough)

It is not, I repeat, IS NOT, meant to be ludicrous.

…and yet it is.

Either by design or simply by function, it’s become one of the most annoying parts of social media.  And that mostly has to do with the fact that people are using hashtags as if they are little editorials on a post.

And by “little editorials” I mean “little run-on sentences that will never be repeatable because, well, they’re just too darn long.”

And annoying.

And I vow now, in public, that should I ever run across you hashtagging like that, I’m going to post “#karatechop” onto that post as a response.

Because that’s exactly what I would like to do to you every time you do that.  I would like to karate chop you in your funny face.

And I’m a pacifist. So, that says a lot.

About you. #Ohsnap!